Automobile Accidents


Should You Seek Proper Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident?


No doubt about it!!!

Why shouldn’t you simply rest and take the drugs the physician prescribed for you?  Why is it so important to seek Chiropractic early in the healing process?  Is the insurance company going to be difficult if I go to a Chiropractor?  These are common and valid questions that many people have after they have been in an automobile accident.

At Wright Family Chiropractic Center our main concern is YOU ! It is our desire to help your body get well as soon as possible and limit you from having to deal with painful problems in the future. The reason that fantastic chiropractic care is so important after you been in an auto accident actually has little to do with being in pain (and it’s good for that, too). When a vertebra (bone in your spine) is misaligned from a trauma (whiplash) in your neck it can begin the process of degeneration that will affect the soft tissues (fibromyalgia) as well as the bones (osteoarthritis). Some people may feel pain or discomfort immediately following an automobile accident, while others have problems days and even weeks later.

It is a fantastic idea to be checked at Wright Family Chiropractic Center as soon as possible following an automobile accident, regardless of symptoms. The faster a person can begin chiropractic care the better the results will be.  Certainly if you are experiencing symptoms, being checked by Dr. Wright, a California Chiropractic State Board licensed chiropractor is in your best interest. How we will take care of you will depend upon your specific circumstances, and we will design a personalized program of care for you.

You have the right to seek care by law with any board certified doctor for injuries related to a car accident. Most automobile insurance policies have ‘med pay’ coverage for just this situation. If you are not at fault for the accident then the insurance from the person responsible should cover your reasonable and necessary expenses.

The six most common words I hear in a consultation are, “I thought it would go away”.

Don’t wait for care, because your condition could get worse, and there is a limited time to make a claim with the insurance companies.

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